I tried...I really tried...

Ask me no questions, I'll...cry.

Twice this week people I know have remarked that I need to blog on weekends. This, on top of my mother’s deep sigh/resigned nod combo whenever she stops by here on the weekends.
So. I’m not going to blog regularly on the weekend, I’m just not. Sorry, Mom. BUT, I will this weekend. However, you have to participate. Ask me a question. What do you want to know? I promise to answer, if I feel like it, and I promise to tell you the truth, unless it’s not interesting. How’s that for an offer you can’t refuse?
What’s that? You can?
Well, you should know that if I don’t get any questions I will spend the weekend quietly weeping under my computer desk and feeling entirely unloved. So hit the comments section, people, and share the loooove. Or at least the questions.


Mary Jo

I'm watching a show on the food network that is causing my tummy to go CRAZY!! So in honor of this evil, evil show...

What is your favorite kind of pizza? (Haha yes, I am so in depth... Diane Sawyer watch out!)

And now one with a tiny bit of substance...

What do you consider your biggest pet peeve? Why?


If you could have a cup of coffee with any one person in history, who would it be and why?


Tell about the butterfly farm?



Should we have a little girls' party for Carrie on her upcoming 7th birthday? Ideas?


What one sight gives you the most pleasure?

What's the most important thing about your dream house?

What's your favorite memory involving music?


What are you going to dress up as for my Halloween party?!?


How did you select the names for your lovely children? (They are so unique!)


Okay, my question is why doesn't Amma blog once or twice over the weekend? We all love her and I know she's got a lot to say with a great way of saying it.

I love you Amma, I really, really do.


Do you think my 3-year-old will wear the wig that comes with the Dora The Explorer Halloween costume? She really wants to be Dora...

Hula Doula

Are you coming next week?????


What would be your favorite place from which to get a gift certificate?

Will I *ever* get any strawberry jam? Or cuttings from the wandering jew plant?

Where does Hula Doula want you to go?


Am I allowed to share the cookie recipe with others or is it a secret?

What did you used to do with your free time in the evening before I started talking your ear off (typing your eyes out, maybe?) at every available opportunity?

Did you ever know that you're my hero?


Wait! Do you mean that even after yesterday's post, you are seriously considering blogging on the weekends? Seems like Amma more than anyone would understand that you need margins...have you no boundaries, woman? And like my own mama used to say, if you have time to whine about it, you have time to do it. So go ahead and write a blog, AmmaD!!


Who put the bomp in the bomp-ba-bomp-ba-bomp? Who put the wham in the whama-lama-ding-dong?


What splurges cab you not live without? Where do pull from when you need to squeeze the budget?


Where are my prescription sunglasses? The ones I've managed not to lose for over 4 years, and had that cool blue-green glass bead necklace thingie attached to them so I could wear them around my neck like a librarian?

What's your favorite color? Least favorite?

Name the last CD you purchased.

Describe the last pair of shoes you bought.

Name 5 things in your purse. Not a question, a command, I realize, but there you go.

Kim O'C

If you could go anywhere for 1 week, where would it be and why?

Can I come visit you and the family over the Christmas weekend?


Will you adopt me? (don't let this frighten you - I ask this of all the really special super cool parents I meet in the blogosphere) ;) And yes, I realize I'm far too old to really be your child.

If you had to sleep with someone you despise in exchange for one thing, what is it that you would demand? (see I'm not even going to ask who that would be!)

If you could ensure one single personality trait in your children, what would you want it to be?


Have you had any romance in your life since you and your ex divorced? Any funny/poignant date stories? If not, is that something you ever think about or something you could see in your future while the boys are still young and living at home? (I apologize if this is too personal to ask. I don't know you -- I simply read your blog because your writing is so beautiful.).


I have nothing to add, but with 19 comments, I felt compelled to be number 20. ;)

Please no quiet weeping. I have a suggestion. I don't believe in reincarnation, but if you had lived a previous life, what would it have been?


If you had to do it all over again... would you?


What is your favorite book?


Top five life defining moments... good or bad.


Can you feel the love here???
Ok, my question......What is the one thing that you could not live without? ( i am talking inanimate objects here.)


Girl, you LIE! We asked questions and STILL there is no weekend blogging. Have I mentioned that my leg is resembling a VERY SAD BLOWFISH right about now? Where is my Kira post to cheer me up??

But, hey, no pressure. Love ya! (Don't hit me. Please.)


What Mir said.

Kiss kiss

Mary Jo

I was just thinking the same thing Mir... sheesh. Here it is after 9pm EST and still no post! I hope it was a good blog free weekend. :)


What's your shoe size?

Amma D

It is all a scam, people. At this very moment she is upstairs NOT BLOGGING! You have all been tricked into false hopes and grievious disappointment!


*sniffle* I was out in the cold alllll weekend away from the internet thinking about how I COULDN'T post and being all sad and stuff...

but I was consoling myself with thoughts of "at least when I get back, Kira will have done some weekend posting because she'll have all of those questions to answer..."


NOW are you gonna start your own blog Amma D? ;)


Ha ha ha! Look at all the questions you have to answer. Tee hee! I won't ask one. But you did lie, my dear. You did. No weekend blog. OK, so I wasn't here anyway, but still...I'm speaking for everyone who was!


Not even an early morning Monday post! I'm so sad... I hope that you had a great weekend and I can't wait to read all about it. Eventually.

Three cheers for an Amma D blog!

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