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Well, remember when I mentioned that I was TRYING to read The Fourth Hand by John Irving? Well, I just finished it, dropped it on the couch next to me and staggered my way to the computer. I picked the book up this afternoon and barely came up for air until just now.
I remember now why I don’t read as much as I used to. It’s simply not SAFE, with all these children around. All evening I would absentmindedly glance up from my book to find one child or another LOOKING at me. NEEDING something from me.
“What?” I said, “You want to eat what? Dinner? What time is it? Didn’t I make you popcorn? HOW many hours ago? Oh, fine then, you can have more food. What? You want ME to prepare it? OH FINE THEN.”
I smacked the book down on the table and scurried through food preparations as fast as possible. Then back to the book. Mere moments passed, then ANOTHER CHILD, with ANOTHER need.
“What?” I said lovingly, “What time is it? Good heavens, Raphi, you need to be in bed. Since when do you stay up past ten? Hurry-scurry up the stairs! Up. Up. UP the stairs. You. Up. Yes, those stairs. What? You want to brush what? Again? (Furtive look over my shoulder at the book) Um…I heard that brushing your teeth too often can…wear them out. Oh, fine. Here. Brush. Brush. You. Brush. No, YOUR teeth. Brush. Goooood. Now spit. Spit. You – oh, never mind! Hop in bed, and OH YES I LOVE YOU TOO! NIGHTY NIGHT!”
Dive back into book.
So now it’s late. My eyes hurt.
I think it’s time I admit I’m powerless over fiction, that my life has become unmanageable.
But I’m ok with that, because as soon as I can focus again, I want to re-read the last third of that book. Then there’s a whole pile of novels waiting for me.
Light a candle for the boys, would you?



Exactly why I hate reading. Well, I LOVE reading. Double-edged sword ;) I get lost and don't want to do anything else. Ah, just wait until the kids can make their own sandwiches for dinner! *wink*


Ohhhhh I couldn't agree more. Those kids; they can really interrupt a good read.

However I was disappointed in "The Fourth Hand" and Irving is quite possibly my favorite author. It felt like a letdown, after "Son of the Circus," somehow. At least it wasn't long. I have a very clear memory of hurling a 1000+ page book across the room upon completion because the ending sucked and I was so annoyed to have lost so much time on it. ;)


Irving huh? Oh oh. Someone new for me to explore. Thanks a lot. Just what I needed. Wait until your kids are teens. And you don't need to do much at all for them. What? There's a curfew in this town? I'm sorry officer. I wasn't aware of that.

Oh, I'm just kidding. My daughter is wonderful. She's only broken curfew a half dozen times and NEVER gotten caught for it. :)

Linda Dupie

Thank goodness mine can make their own sandwiches ;) I too get lost when I'm reading.


I need to start another good novel. I get your point about not liking interruptions, especially when caught up in a story. Da Vinci Code was my last one. That's been what, eight months now?


I'm the same way. I get lost in a book and it is practically impossible to pry it from my fingers until I am finished.

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