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Ok, so I have no idea why I’m writing this instead of sleeping. It’s past midnight here, and I should be asleep. But I watched TV too long and then finally started reading my email and came up for breath two hours later.
Oh, look at the clock. It’s soooo late. I’m discovering that vacation is not good for me. I seem to need a schedule to ensure I’ll actually achieve anything in a day. Without my day all laid out before me I can’t seem to figure out why I wouldn’t want to sit at the table in front of the remnants of my breakfast until noon. Or, more to the point right now, why I should turn off the TV and go to bed rather than stare in horrified fascination at The Swan.
And now I’m rambling. See? It’s this vacation vibe. I’m all slow…and relaxed…and tired…
We took the boys down to the beach last night. It was just a bit before sunset, and the wind was fairly cold so we didn’t stay long. But when Raphael woke up this morning the first thing he said after he staggered out of bed was, “Ah wanna go to dat big sand box.” And the beach is a sand box to him. A sand box with a threatening water issue. He does not like the waves and refuses to get wet. He did let one wave wash over his feet once today, but that was it.
Tre and Max, on the other hand, love the water. Max likes a sturdy adult hand to hold onto as he forges into the waves. But Tre seems pretty sure he could take on the ocean on his own. It’s only through the interference of the adults that he’s not still out there, heading farther and farther into the Atlantic.
Well, tomorrow’s a big day, filled with ocean…and…I dunno…lunch, probably. I should go to bed. Maybe I’ll just read a little of this book here first…



Schedule-schmedule. You're doing it exactly right. Relax. Enjoy. Go play in dat big sandbox and take a little home with you. Find a few nice shells while you're at it.

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