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Tre and Max are sharing a room here in our vacation rental. This mostly works out just fine (never mind what they might tell you). But when they’re trying to go to sleep, each finds the other highly annoying.
The other night after they’d been in bed a while there was a loud cry of outrage from Max. Mom and Dad and I were sitting upstairs in the living room, and Max came thundering up the stairs, wailing.
“He called me a slubby pee head!” he wailed.
“Um…what?” I responded sensitively, hiding a smirk behind my hand.
“A slubby pee head!”
I tried not to laugh, but repeated it to be sure I’d gotten it straight.
“Tre called you a slubby pee head?”
“Ahem. Are you a slubby pee head?”
“Well then, don’t worry about it.”
Max went back down the stairs and us adults just about fell off our chairs, laughing and calling each other slubby pee heads.
The best part though was the next day. Tre did something and I (mature as ever) called him a slubby pee head. He turned and looked at me, shocked.
“What did you call me?”
“A slubby pee head.”
”What is that?”
“Well, that’s what you called Max last night.”
Tre thought about that a minute.
“No I didn’t! I was talking ubbidubbi and I called him a sleepy head. A slubeepy head.” He started to laugh. “Slubby pee head!” By now he was hooting. “Slubby PEE head! You’re a slubby pee head! I can’t believe you thought I said slubby pee head! I said slubeepy head!”
Because, you know, slubeepy head is such a normal thing to say. Don’t I feel silly, missing that.
Besides which, according to the rules of ubbidubbi, sleepy head should clearly be "slubeepy hubead."

In other news, my slacker tendencies continue unabated. I actually served my family a dinner of popcorn and strawberry smoothies tonight. Everyone swore they loved it, but I think they were just afraid of being called slubby pee heads.



I am STILL laughing! I suppose if I called my 12 year old a slubby pee head, he'd look like the mature one! Have a great vacation, Kira!

Linda Sherwood

The strawberry smoothies had to be hard work. ;) Sounds yummy.


Ubenjuboy yubour vubacubatiubon, Kubiruba!

Phew! Good thing they have that translator. That's a tough language to master! :)


ROTFLOL I can't help wondering what my daughters will come up with when they're both old enough to talk!

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