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Some of the many things I can't explain

Ok, so apparently if you google “boob mouse mats” my former blog site is number ten in the returns. The questions that brings up are just so numerous. Not the least of which is what exactly are boob mouse mats? My life is so sheltered in many ways…
Today I asked Max to read me a book. He has a set of Bob books that are right on his level, as far as phonics skills go. He selected “Lad and the Fat Cat” – a rip-roaring tale if there ever was one. He clambered happily up into my lap, settled back, and started reading. In an English accent.
“Lahd hahd a faht, faht caht.” I looked at him. He smiled back.
“What does this say?” I pointed to the letter a.
“Aaa. Like apple.”
“Right. Good. Go on.”
“The caht is Kit.”
“Why are you talking like that?”
“Like what?”
I just can’t explain it.
Raphael likes to take one sock off. Recently he took his single discarded sock and filled it up with a handful of toys. A car from the train set, a few Duplo blocks, a toy car – stuff like that. Then he carried it around for a while. When I asked him what he had, he lifted it up so I could see it better.
“Iss mah Nemo.”
Nemo, just like the movie.
“Is it a fish?”
Deeply disdainful look.
“Noooo. Iss mah Nemo.”
Today he trotted up to me with one sock on, one sock held aloft. Something heavy and soft was in the toe.
“Hi honey,” I said, “whatcha got there?”
“Iss mah Nemo. Smew it.”
I looked at it suspiciously. What was that in the sock, exactly? I didn’t want to smell it. He pushed it at me. “Smew it!” I was worried now. Without being graphic, he is potty training at the moment. And I never know what he’ll do. I reached out one cautious finger and poked the Nemo.
Sand. It was full of sand. Relieved, I leaned forward and sniffed it.
“EWWWW!” Raphael hollered, “Yoo smew it!” He ran off, unimpressed by my feeble admonition that “sand stays in the sandbox!”
Finally, according to Fox news, Blender magazine has named “We Built This City” by Starship NUMBER ONE on their list of the 50 worst songs of all time. Now, why they gotta go and do that? All day I’ve been singing, “We built this city! We built this city! We built this city on rock…and…roll!” After that the lyrics become fuzzy and I end up humming, “Sumpthin’, sumpthin’, sumpthin! Underneath the sumpthin’!” My lack of solid recall doesn’t stop me from occasionally bursting out with an enthusiastic chorus of, “WE BUILT THIS CITY!”
This often startles the boys, making them jump, then turn and give me annoyed looks. I smile and tell them not to worry. You can’t always explain things.



"and cody plays the mambo...listen to the radi-o-o-..we built this city, dumdadum, we buiilt this city..."
Thanks Kira. ;)


There you go, another ear worm. How many of us had to endure this song at every high school dance? My day is ruined for music. Boob mouse mats on you, Kira!


What gets me is some of the other songs on the list I don't consider bad at all, like "Achy Breaky Heart," The Heart of Rock & Roll," "Don't Worry Be Happy," "The Sounds of Silence", "Shiny Happy People"

Linda Sherwood

They put "Heart of Rock & Roll" on the list! But that's HUEY! As for the rest that John listed, I am not surprised they are on the 50 worst songs list.


What JohnH failed to mention is that he used to *own* the album with "We Built This City" on it...but he insists it was for the other songs that were on it...sure, John. If you say so. Sadly, I can probably sing the whole song from memory. It's a gift, you know.


What JohnH failed to mention is that he used to *own* the album with "We Built This City" on it...but he insists it was for the other songs that were on it...sure, John. If you say so. Sadly, I can probably sing the whole song from memory. It's a gift, you know.

The One True Josh

We Built This City is even BETTER if you sing it in kind of an Elmer-Fudd-esque voice: "We beaut this city on WOK AND wooooOOOOLLLL!!!"


OMG!!!!!! I liked that song for about 2 days. And at that point it had reached the overplayed status that it takes every other song at least two weeks to reach.

Thanks so much Kira for giving me that earworm. I'll be stuck with it for days now. But I am SO GLAD it made the list. My daughter loves to torment me with it. It deserves the number one billing.


Despite what I told groovecatmom this morn, I was wrong. I had the album after the one with "We Built this City". Thanks to some Starship fanatic (at for posting album covers. I had "No Protection", and no, I can't remember what song might have been good off of it looking through the lyrics. Pretty much, none of them. I did not have "Knee Deep in the Hoopla" (worst album title of all time?).

Whew. Just so that is clear.

Then again, she can still chide me for the multiple Rick Springfield albums I have!


What is funnier than singing "We Built This City" in an Elmer Fudd voice is seeing ALL the songs as Elmer might read it. Go to and put in the URL of the list, pick Elmer Fudd and you won't stop laughing.

Max is quite the character! I don't think I did any accents until I was 9 or so!


I think I read somewhere that Blender made the Top 10 list of worst magazines ever.

Yes, he still has Rick Springfield albums. Betcha didn't know he had any other ones besides the one with "Jessie's Girl" didya? Pity me.


Okay, so Max is definately my kindred spirit. As you know, I had a tendancy to break into weird english, scottish, flemish,etc. accents for no good reason! Still do I'm afraid, and my current students are just now getting used to it and not freaking out every time I do. I have to break in another group next year...maybe if I play some Starship in the backgroud, the accents will seem not so strange after all??? Thanks for the great laugh, it brought tears to my eyes!


Man, now it's in MY head. We built this city....

Linda B.

Aaaggghhhh! Nooooooooooo! Of all the earworms to be cursed with, you had to go and lay that one on us ;-)


I know this is waaaaaaaaay late, but I had to add to it because I came back and read comments again as I hadn't read them after I posted mine. What's with the Rick Springfield bashing??? I went and saw him LIVE at the MN State Fair when I was in high school! It was awesome!!! :)

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