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Costco Fun!

Tonight after dinner Mom and I took the boys along for a shopping trip to Costco.
Oh, pardon that. It fades within a few hours of returning home. I’ll be fine.
Anyhow, I pointed out to Mom how fortunate we were to have the boys along. Most people just shop in ginormous stores like Costco. “But these guys make it an adventure,” I told her.
“What?” she replied. It was hard to hear over Raphael, who was sitting in the child seat and kicking his boots hard against the cart.
“The boys,” I repeated myself, “they make this a – MAX! Get down from there!” Max was quietly scaling the side of the shelf. He gave me a look as if to say, well why did they put all these bars here if I’m not supposed to climb? With a shrug he let go and dropped to the floor, nearly giving the nice lady perusing 17 gallon jars of pickles a heart attack. I turned back to Mom, but before I could speak Tre came barreling down the aisle, then dropped to his knees and slid between us before crashing into the wall. I went over to him to see if he was alright, but he seemed to be laughing.
“Why did you do that?”
“It’s fun! Watch, I’ll do it again.”
As we made our way through the aisles my sons bounced and balanced and ducked and hid and laughed and sang. We got our shopping done in a record time of four hundred years (I’m pretty sure that’s how long it took…not bad, huh?), and safely got all our purchases and children home.
Now, who do you know that has that much fun at a discount warehouse? I’m a lucky, lucky woman.


Amma D

Whooo-eee! Do we know how to have fun or what!!!??? Those little guys are so cool! Exhausting, but so cool!

Hope Wilbanks

hehehe......and they said becoming a mother would take all the fun out of your life ;)


Oh my, can I ever relate to that!! I took all four of mine to the regular grocery store yesterday for all of 10 minutes and it was pure hell. I'm still twitching today.

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