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For any of you that were waiting to hear about the meeting with my ex that was supposed to happen today, it didn’t happen. He seems to have moved to California. I’m not ready to write about that yet, but I will in the next few days.
Instead, for tonight, a cheater blog. First of all my favorite cheating device, “things I have actually said to my kids recently.”

Sitting in the sink does not count as getting off the counter.
Get the cheese off your head.
Do not hang meat off your nose.
Take the paintbrush out of your ear, Raphael.
You too, Max.
Every single time you put your gum up your nose I will take it away.
What did I say I would do if you put your gum up your nose?
Don’t write on the table with your strawberry.

And finally, an update on Raphael and potty training. He’s doing beautifully, knock on wood. He actually stayed dry all night last night. The only real issue is one of timing. Whenever the urge to go strikes him, the first thing he does is pull down his pants. Then he waddles arduously off to the bathroom, chirping about how much he needs to go. I’ve tried suggesting he wait to pull down the pants until he gets there, but I’m rewarded for my sage advice with a withering look.
Ah well. I’m sure he’ll figure it out.



Aw, sweetheart, I'm sorry to hear about the ex taking off like that. I'm perpetually nosy and so anticipate hearing your feelings/thoughts about this. My thoughts are with you, friend.

Those sayings to the boys would make a kickass t-shirt, btw.


Wow. ((hugs))

Linda Dupie

I've actually told my youngest dd not to hang meat off her nose too :)


Aw Kira - sorry about the drama. Hugs to you and your cute boys!

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