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The hour is late and

The hour is late and the day was long, so I’ll skate by here with a cheater blog. I don’t have time for a long and deliberate train of thought tonight. If you really miss that, re-read yesterday’s post (oh, like you read the whole thing anyway!).
No, tonight what you get is nothing more than a few Raphael-isms. He’s at such a ripe age for cute little sayings, and I just have to share.
The other morning Raphael woke up early and climbed in bed with me. He snuggled up, feeling all cozy and happy to be free from the crib. I lay there with my eyes closed, vainly trying to snatch a few more moments of sleep while he chattered.
“Ah’m gonna be nice to Mama,” he promised solemnly. I mmm-hmmm’d an encouraging response. He’s been doing that a lot, verbally rehearsing behavior he intends to do. He wants to do what’s asked of him, he really does…but it doesn’t always work out that way. So he gives himself these little pep talks. I consider it another positive sign of a developing conscience. But then I’m something of a sucker.
“Ah’m gonna be nice to Mats. And ah’m not gonna hit Ona.” He meant Iona, his beleaguered friend I’ve mentioned before. “Ah’m not gonna boo Cwaire. And…” he paused to think, “Ah’m not gonna hit all the stoopid kids.” He smiled proudly at me.
What do you say to that?
Then just yesterday he was accompanying me to the bathroom and hopped on the scale. He’s come to believe that the scale makes him big, since every time he gets on it I peer down and exclaim, “Wow, aren’t you getting big!” So now whenever he gets on it he pats his tummy and says smugly, “Ah gittin’ bigger an’ bigger an’ BIGGER!” Today he was looking at me, making sure I admired his rapid growth. He followed up his announcement of imminent bigness with a shake of the head. “An’ yoo gittin’ small and small and small,” he informed me.
You know, there’s some truth to that.


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