Max is really into drawing
I’m sitting in a darkened

Raphael has learned to climb

Raphael has learned to climb out of his crib. The first time it happened I tried to convince myself it was a fluke. But he kept mysteriously appearing beside my bed in the morning. Or at the top of the stairs after his nap. I suppose I may have been in denial. I would roll over in the morning to come nose-to-nose with his shining little face and decide not to think about it. Yesterday Tre and Max were going upstairs to watch TV. It was during Raphael’s nap, so I warned them to be quiet. Halfway up the stairs I hear Tre say, “Oh. Well, hi there, Raphi.” And moments later there was my pumpkin’ bug, trotting happily into the kitchen. “Ah did it my SEWF!” he announced with glee.
I chose not to think about it.
Well, this afternoon we arrived home from a hair cutting trip right at naptime. Raphael had slept for approximately 18 seconds in the car, and felt that was enough of a nap for any baby. I disagreed. I carried him up the stairs to his crib, trailing his protests all the way. “Noooo,” he wept, “ah don’ wanna go sweep. Ah wanna wake uuuuuup!”
“You will wake up. But first you have to go to sleep.”
“Nooooo! Ah wanna read a boooooook!”
“We’ll read a book after your nap.”
“Noooooo! Ah’m gonna cwy!”
“Ok then. Go ahead and cry. Night-night.”
I deposited him in his crib, kissed the top of his belligerent little head, and exited stage left. From behind his bedroom door I heard him warning me, “Ah’m gonna talk!” He waited a moment for my response, and getting none, proceeded to start the soliloquy that generally lulls him to sleep. “Ah’m Shooperman. An den Ah fly ober the houses…”
I heaved a sigh of relief and headed down the stairs. I had a million things to do, but instead I sat down at the table for a moment with a cup of tea. It had been quite the day already. Tre and Max were involved with a game on the computer, and for a moment I just drank in the serenity.
Then I heard it. A thump above my head, and the scamper of little feet. A distinct sinking feeling in my stomach suggested this was something I had to face. I walked over to the stairs and looked up. Around the corner came an ecstatic Raphael. His face was aglow with the joy of freedom, and a celebratory ribbon of drool extended from bottom lip to stomach. Seeing me he threw up his arms, as though to hug the whole wonderful world. “Tuprise, Mama!”
Surprise, indeed.
So now I have to actually accept the fact that he can get out of his crib, and deal with the consequences. Like teaching him that when I put him down for his nap he should stay there.
This would probably be an easier task had I not laughed quite so hard at his shining little face today. Oh well.


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