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I’ve tried to start this

I’ve tried to start this blog entry about six times now. I’m not sure what to do here, because today has been a huge and terribly emotional day. Yet I don’t know how to explain all of it…
I’m an Episcopalian. Or at least I was until today. Now, my fear is that there are people who will read that, and if you’re aware of what’s going on with the Episcopal Church you’re thinking, oh my. Kira’s homophobic. I’m not. I hate that word, by the way, because what it means is “afraid of sameness,” not at all what it’s intended to mean. But that’s not the point. The point is that I’m neither afraid of sameness nor anti-gay. But my church is now saying that the scripture I hold as sacred is disposable. Re-writable.
And I say it’s not.
I don’t want to debate this any more. I’ve discussed it and read about it and prayed over it…I’m sick of it. Suffice to say I found enough reason in the national church to leave my parish, a place I’ve called home for a decade.
Ten years.
The first time I worshipped there, I was a kid. Unmarried and stupid-young. I brought my new husband there, and then our son to be baptized. And the next one. And the next. The people there held my hand and held me up during my divorce. They’ve loved my kids and prayed for my ex. I love the people of that church.
I guess this is what an amicable divorce feels like. No one is mad, but we can’t go on together.
I think this hurts almost as much as my actual divorce.


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