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Ok, Cub Scouts. Everyone sick

Ok, Cub Scouts. Everyone sick of reading about Cub Scouts yet? Well, welcome to my world, baby! Today I took the boys to Mom’s office and then Dad’s office so Tre could hawk his Cub Scout greenery. (In case that isn’t clear, his pack is selling evergreen wreaths and garlands as a fund raiser. Nice stuff, actually.) It went well. Tre was so adorable in his little uniform, with all its many patches. Max wore a tie, because he wanted to help. And he did, by announcing whenever the opportunity came up, “I’m FIVE!” Everyone was very nice and encouraging. I want to say thanks to all of his many kind customers. Tre sold a bunch, and he’s got the selling fever now. He wants to sell more greenery than any Cub Scout EVER SOLD.
Me, I’m sick of it. Tonight I went to a pack leader’s meeting. Wait, you say! Kira, you’re not a pack leader, you say! You are right. What I am is gullible. And the Awards Coordinator. Actually, there already is an Awards Coordinator; I’m the backup A.C. until January, when I will be taking over. So when one of the pack leaders said, “Hey, why don’t you come to the pack leader’s meeting and get a feel for what you’ll be doing!” I said, “Oh, sure.”
I hate meetings.
I especially hate meetings I don’t really have any reason to be attending.
The agenda went something like this:

7:00 – start meeting, ask Kira to introduce herself.
7:01 – move to discussing things that have absolutely nothing to do with Kira or her fabled “Awards Coordinator” duties.
8:15 – wake Kira up, thank her for coming, and snicker that she fell for the whole “come to the pack leader’s meeting” gag as soon as she’s out the door.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, they kept interrupting their meeting to say irritating things like “Kira, could you stop banging your head on the wall and whimpering?” or “Kira, you’re drooling on my shirt.” Finally, seven trillion years later, the meeting ended. (By the way, have I ever mentioned that I find hyperbole to be the MOST ANNOYING HABIT EVER?) I chatted for a few minutes, and made a dash for the car. As I drove home I contemplated my fate. Tre has already decided to make it all the way to Eagle Scout. That means I’m facing roughly ten more years of this stuff. Meetings like this one, with people who are so genuinely nice that I can’t even feel good about making fun of them in my blog.
Anyone want to buy some greenery?


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