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I fixed it!! And now,

I fixed it!! And now, that I have painfully journeyed through the land of AOL and ISP repair, I have here for your edification, Kira’s guide to computer program repair.
Step 1 – You are assaulted with a problem. Annoying error box pops up and will not stop interfering. Stare, motionless, at annoying error box for 7.4 seconds. Shut down computer and walk away, humming a little tune to yourself. This is also known as the “denial” phase of computer repair.
Step 2 – Become desperate to return to normal online activities. Boot up computer, get the same identical annoying error box. Swear (quietly so as not to increase rotten 2 year old’s vocabulary). Restart computer. Curse the ancestry of whoever invented computers. Restart computer. Throw things. This is the “anger” phase.
Step 3 – Try totally unrelated activities on your computer, in the hopes that these will magically fix whatever has gone wrong. Defragment. Dust monitor screen. Whisper sweet words in the general direction of your hard drive. Erase old files. This would be the “bargaining” phase. Don’t let your kids see this. It’s just too pitiful.
Step 4 – Tell yourself you don’t NEED the computer. Shut it down and sit down with a notebook to write. Stare at the paper as it slowly dawns on you that it’s been weeks since you composed anything on paper. Cry. This is the “depression” phase. It should be treated with food and/or massages.
Step 5 – Resign yourself to the losses you face to make everything better. Accept that the files lost will be worth it in the long run, and forge ahead with returning to your beloved ISP. Yes, this is “acceptance.”
Step 6 – This is the good one, the only one that makes this process anything other than grieving. Flail away wildly, deleting and moving files. Use weird backup wizards and install shields. End up (having no IDEA what you’ve actually done) with everything magically restored. Everything. Thank God and Bill Gates and gingerly step away from the computer. This is the “happy ending” phase.
There you go, Kira’s repair plan, free of charge.
And almost worth it.


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