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January 12, 2016



I don't know whether it's weird that you're blogging, but I love it!

Also Kira

I'm so glad your back. I don't know you but I live reading your words.


not weird :)


When Mir mentioned you the other day, I missed you all over again. Welcome Back! <3

Jan in Norman, OK

Just happy to have you back.


Yay, you're here and we're here and yes please say more soon! (happynewyear)


Weird is that I saw you had closed the comments on your previous posts, yet I kept checking every 3-4 weeks for a new entry anyway. Whatever is was, I am glad you are trying again.


Well, me pointing out that you've ignored emails from wonderful people...
and ME- THAT would be weird.lol

Is it weird when life takes you on a crazy winding road and you are routed through bizarre detours & your GPS won't work & you FINALLY arrive at your destination FIVE months later
only to discover that your best friends don't care that you didn't write, didn't call OR reply to their emails but are just SO ECSTATIC to see you????
Nope, not weird at all. That's what best friends.... and cyber stalkerish readers are there for!

Oh WOW mama, that princess of yours is all grown up!

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