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January 18, 2016



Do you have any idea what an accomplishment the highest grade in the class on a Bio Test is woman?!?!?!?!? You rocked it, you ARE A BOSS.
I got all choked up reading that bc GF YOU'VE STILL GOT IT! So proud of you!

I haven't accomplished anything near as amazing although after dropping my so back off at his college across state last nite, I popped into a Wendy's bc New Years resolutions don't start until one is healthy in the new year (cough cough) & figured I could drown my sadness in a frosty. Well the good Lord had other sorrow drowning plans for me in the form of 4 teenage boys, who acted as if I was the hottest thing theyd ever seen. One even came out to my car as I was leaving to make sure i KNEW what they thought & I said "Dear boy, I just dropped my son off at college, Im old enough to be your mother" to which he grinned & said "yeah, but you're not!" & as I shook my head & started to laugh he apologized & said "but I will be more respectful"& I, being equally respectful yelled BUT YOU ARE ADORABLE after him a he walked back inside.
So yeh, see, college suits us apparently lol
Now the train? Might take some work. Hope this semester is a great one for you!


I found the part about doodling "Just don't cry" particularly poignant.


"Fairly okayish" is going to be my new standard. For everything.

Holly Gault

I hereby ditto everything they said!


Congratulations on the amazing biology mark!!
When you said that you were going back to finish your degree, it was the final push I needed to start a degree. I am 59 years old, and I finished my first ever university class (Psych 102) in December, with the highest class mark. I sat in a classroom of 18-19 year olds and doodled in the margins too. I doodled "If Kira can do this, I can do this". I am registered in an English class this semester, which I love so far. At one or two classes per semester, it may take me a very long time to graduate, but I am truly enjoying all the education I am acquiring, both in and out of a classroom. Thank you, Kira!


Cheryl, this comment made me cry! In the best possible way. Im so glad youre enjoying your classes, and so glad for both of us that it turns out that life goes on longer than I expected when *I* was 18!


This whole thread is full of good. So happy for you Kira - and the commenters. Renews my desire to look closer for my "wins" - and not keep such a careful tally of my "didn't all that I expected of myself" column. Happy New Year!

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