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June 24, 2015



Barely afloat? You my friend, have been at the bottom of the deep and yet still made it back up for air. I have no doubt that this time will be any different, I just wish it were easier for you!

Thanks for cluing me in to how you always magically reappear before the 30 day mark where I'm required to file a virtual missing persons report of your absence. And here I thought it was just that I had left a comment today on your last post hoping to draw you out of the dark lol I'm writing typepad to request they make you check in more frequently as we miss your wonderful words!

Took my oldest to orientation last weekend & as we walked up the hill toward the student building i remarked what an excellent choice he'd made as this campus is just beautiful. At which point he reminded me that this college would have been MY alma mater had I not met his father and stayed put to marry him a few years later. and he logically followed that up with the fact tat HE wouldn't be here if I hadn't given up that dream all those years ago. Wise child in such a young body!

All the feels indeed.

Can't wait to hear about your own college experience 2.0!


Hugs my dear! I'm cheering for both you and Trey to have amazing 2.0 experiences. :)

Karen Reznek

My sympathies on everything. As someone who has far too much experience with a cat who pees on all the things (hey, at least the offspring and spouse stopped leaving stuff on the floor), I recommend Petastic. It is the only thing I've found that gets the smell out.

Karen Reznek

And please get the cats checked for a UTI. While my cat has a behavioral issue, most of the time cats think outside the box it is a UTI that is easily treated. Good luck!


cmonnnnnnn Typepad! fingers crossed it makes you check into your account again so we get an update! you are missed!

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