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February 19, 2015


Jan in Norman, OK

That was the perfect thing to say to her and the perfect way to say it.

Pam in Mesa

Oh Kira, you are such a great mom and a great writer!

Beth Maranville

Having been through what I've been through with my girls, I want to say "bring your baby girl home" and hope that for you and yours, that will be enough. I ♡ you.


"Go ahead," we say, nodding at the bars.

"What if I fall?"

"Then we'll catch you. Go ahead."

So lean forward

...and swing out into the air.

C'mon Kira...
you can do it too!!

BEAUTIFUL writing as always
love that pic of Sophia


Beautifully written sweet story!


If it helps at all, I've followed your blog since I stumbled across it in 2008. I was pregnant with my youngest daughter while you were pregnant with Sophia. I read it often, just to compare steps and stages with my daughter. And it's a complete relief that they parallel one another so often. From waking up yelling in her dreams to a big fear of my mother's dog. (A tiny cute and very gentle thing, but she moves like water and she's so fast, she makes the kid nervous.) You've eased so much of my guilt and self-battery over the past few years. But as far as I can track, you are doing a wonderful and mindful job. Go easy on yourself. No-one gets to live unbruised.


what is a thank you bite?


Hope you're feeling better!
miss you!

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