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Bacon, briefly

Today Raphael took a six foot slice of bacon to Monday school. 


It was paper mache, and if I'm telling the truth, it was more like 5'7". Six feet just sounds better. He made it because they were studying 3D art in art class, and the class had a contest to see who could make the largest piece of art. He won, which means he gets extra credit in the class.

Thank God for that, because he was previously squeaking by with an A. Plus.


He's picked a high school for next year, and the truth is that I'm almost as ready as he is. It's time. He's so sparkly and interested in everything ahead of him. He's the kind of person who makes practically six foot bacon on a whim. He needs more at his fingertips than I can give him anymore. He's excited about the school he's picked, and I'm starting to make plans about what I'm going to do next, and that's fun. 

But every now and then, I have a moment. Like the other day, he was working out an algebra problem on the chalk board. I don't know why the chalk board and not his paper. But nonetheless, he was standing there, in his blue hair and jammies, and I just sat and watched him for the moment. These minutes of quiet calculation, in the peace of our home and the sunshine, they're almost over. 


But today he brought bacon to Monday school. 


Angela Giles Klocke

It just keeps breezing by...


Everybody loves bacon... especially almost 6' of it! Such amazing people you are raising... Wish we could freeze time but I guess that's payback for not freezing when our parents made that same wish :(


check your email, Im sure mine went to spam lol

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