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January 19, 2015



I just love it so, so much when you write. Whether you're writing about dark times or light times, you capture the love for your family so beautifully.


My beautiful friend---I do not think it at ALL odious that you have enjoyed reading your old posts. It is lovely. Because so much of this blog has been about your kids as they grow up. I find myself returning to my posts about my kids when they were little, to remember mostly, now that they are such self sufficient, large, loud, opinionated, excellent humans.

I feel I have lost the essential VOICE of my blog, as the last few years have been difficult and weird and made that giddy timbre hard to locate in myself. The voice of your blog is alive and glorious, if a bit more careful. That's fair and wise. I appreciate your choices, and your writing, and anything you care to share, and PS you ARE gorgeous. Your husband is a smart man.

ALSO I wish you had been with me this weekend. I spent it in a Trappist monastery, failing to learn to meditate, but KINDA meditating, almost, at least twice.

Wilma Lelek

Beautifully expressed! "Consider it pure joy, whenever you face trials of many kinds. (bumps in the road), because you can be assured that the testing of your faith develops perseverance." words of St. James 1:2-3


I'm just glad to hear you got what you wanted for Christmas:). I'll just always be glad to read whatever you want to keep writing.

Jan in Norman, OK

I work at a mid-sized state university and I can tell you that taking a semester or two off can make a world of difference. Very few people are really ready to leap directly into college from high school.


You're exactly where you are supposed to be...
loving your family... FIERCELY.
No more, no less. Keep hiking those pants back up & climbing that mountain. The sun shines, ducks behind the clouds & everything is gray, then it peeks out again. You're at the top of the mountain now, sometimes you're at the bottom. But every single time, you hike those pants back up & climb again. Because you love, and are loved... FIERCELY.
You're posts always mean something, even if you can't see it right off. HUGS

Peggy Fry

I am just glad that all is ok. Not every post has to be an Artistically complete story... life just isn't always like that. You just keep going down the mountain and whooping. I just want to know that you are all ok. Smart boy to figure out he needs more time to acclimate to college. Wish I had done so.


Echoing your first comment, I just love so much when you write. Thank you.


But there is a beginning, a middle and an end.

"I am no longer so sure of what any of it is supposed to mean. Life has surprised me, over and over, and I am no longer so sure where I am in the narrative....I love them fiercely... Every time I stood up...and headed for the top of the hill again."

But I get it.


I love that you express so beautifully the chaotic joy that is the journey through life. In every post, it is clear that you are LIVING! Keep on living, loving fiercely, and just being incredible, beautiful YOU!


Thank you for writing this. I've thought of you often, and checked back here to see how you are. I hope you find your voice again and the desire to use it.

Holly Gault

"…because I teeter on the edge of a story here, a beginning, middle, and God help us, an edifying end. This is what happened, I'm tempted to tell you, and this is what it meant."

I'm almost positive that some day, soon or far away still, you will find the 'meant to be' ending that you wanted to see.

Angela Giles Klocke

You always move me, no matter what you have to write. And you ARE beautiful. <3


Everyone else has said what's in my heart. Fierce. Love. Family. Writing. We don't need you to tie it together with a bow ... because you always do - whether you are trying to or not.

Maybe 2015 be filled with lots of exhilaration and reaching summits.

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