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Tre's robotics team and the next great thing that happened.

You guys. You guys. Last week, when I posted about Tre's robotics' team? And I finished with a small whine about the support they're not getting? I swear to you I was not fishing.

And yet.

People just...responded. They've stepped forward and made offers and wanted to help, and it has blown my little mind. By the end of the day on Friday, three people had offered to cover my hotel room. But as it turns out, they won't need to. Because we set up a fund raising campaign over at Indiegogo, and with that support, the school has stepped up to pay for my room. (It doesn't hurt that the kids - ahem, young men - in the club pitched a fit about me not being able to go. Love those boys.)

So we've got this campaign going, and if you're so inclined, you can help out at

And thank you again, sincerely, for all your support. From the comments to the "where can I send a check?" emails, you people are amazing. I have gotten all teary several times a day since Friday, and you've bouyed my sense of what is real and possible in the world. God bless you all, and I mean that.


The One True Josh


And let me just point out that a bunch of high school seniors complaining that a mom can't go along? Adorable.


I live in St Louis - you should drag the boys to the Science Center and Zoo while you are here if you have time (and of course the arch) -- both are free!

* Did you notice how sure I am that they are going to raise enough funds :)

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