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Stuff Happened.

So, I've done it again. I've gotten so far behind on stuff to tell you that I don't know where to start, and there's no way to get it all caught up on. So instead, I guess I'll tell you some stuff.

Last week we went out to Phoenix for the wedding of Clay's sister, Theresa, to her beloved, Jordan. They had a gorgeous, sun-drenched backyard wedding. It was just beautiful. They sent their guests colorful prayer flags to decorate with advice, wishes, prayers, and these fluttered overhead as they said their vows. Really gorgeous. Whenever I go to a exquisitely crafted event like that, I think two things: 1) Oh, I wish I had that much good taste and energy and 2) LORD HAVE MERCY, I'm glad I'm not getting married again.

Weddings, man. Brutal.

But the main thing is that Jordan and Theresa love each other, and they made it offical, and we got to be there to wish them well. It matters, it just does.

And then we got sick.

Oh, so sick.

Clay started throwing up the day after the wedding, right before I flew home (into a snowstorm) with Tre and Max. I got home, settled in, and started throwing up the next day. Back in Phoenix, Sophia started throwing up the day after that. The next day Clay and Raphi flew home with a limp, sad Sophia. Now my dad's battling through the end of it. It is a bad and terrible virus, and no one should ever have it ever. Lord. 

I don't think most people at the wedding got sick. Just us, and a few other members of Clay's family, who had the bad fortune to be in close quarters with us (Sorry Maggie! Sorry Sharon! Sorry Dan!). OH, I hope it didn't go any further. I'm left feeling both guilty for being the bearer of the badness and resentful that we got it. Stupid virus owes me at least a week of my life back. TWO DAYS of which were supposed to be kid-free, I'M JUST SAYING.

I love Clay's family, though. The last two times now that I've gone out to Phoenix to spend time with them, we've all ended up with a terrible stomach flu, and I'm really hoping no one notices that we're the common (puking) denominator, and they don't disown us or start having secret family meetings without us in North Dakota or something. That would be very sad. 

Anyhow, we survived. And it's Easter! And I don't know, maybe there was something weird going on this morning, but we were overrun by weirdo strangers, raiding the kids' baskets.


This guy was all up in Tre's candy. 


I do NOT like the look of that guy. Shifty.


That one too. Shifty, I tell ya.


And that one's just plain scary. Seriously. How did this happen?


It's a good thing we have this fierce and mighty dog to protect us. See? Max is back already! THAT'S better.


So to sum up: stuff happened. We all survived. We wish you and yours a blessed and joyful Easter, with lots of candy and weirdos and love.


Oh, and attitude.



Life. Weddings and viruses and Easter and attitude. So glad you survived it all.

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