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April 03, 2014


Terri H.

That is AWESOME! Congratulations, Tre and teammates.


Where's World?

M/Amma Dude

World is in St. Louis.






Super awesome. I love science and kids that care about science.


I'm completely impressed and I have been telling everyone, but I agree, no one is really all that impressed :(. As for funding... have they looked in to Crowd Funding? There is a site called Indiegogo, which several groups at the Open School have been using to fund trips. They are able to raise so much more money, so much more quickly than they could in any other way. Ideally, the group would need to be sponsored by a 501c3 so that donations could be tax deductible. The school probably can't sponsor, ours can't, but perhaps the PTO (or PTA or PTSO...whichever yours is) could is a 501c3 and can sponsor. Check it out! Love you ... all of you :).


I am so excited to hear this! Our middle school has been building up robotics teams (not FIRST, but the high school level does that) for a few years, and a couple of years ago they really started pushing robotics for all MS students, even creating a class for everyone. Now they have one full team of only girls and another that is mixed-gender. I can't wait to see what those kids do once they reach the high school level! There is nothing cooler than seeing what they com up with to accomplish the set tasks for the competitions.


I forgot to say: Congratulations, Tre and team! Rock on with your Hoosier-like robotics selves!


Congrats to Tre and teammates!! That's awesome! Do they have sponsors for the team? DH runs our robotics team and this year both my boys are on it. They have some good support from some big companies (JCPenney and AT&T, I think have helped them in various years) and DH and another teacher wrote a grant to get their 3D printer.

Do I remember that they do First Tech Challenge? I didn't realize you have to build a new robot. Is it the same challenge or a new task?

Sadly my guys didn't even make it to finals in FRC. Tough I'm hoping to watch a friend whose son's team from MN made it to St. Louis.


This was SO AMAZING to hear about! I'm actually really disappointed because after reading this I thought my 17yo would LOVE this and then I found out his school JUST started a team this yea & we had no idea. So hopefully next year he can work on it. So proud of Tre & the guys- good job mom! (check your email)
Wishing them the best of luck @ Worlds, can't wait to hear how they did!


I'm in St Louis. Don't be shy if you need feet on the ground. Happy to h help.

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