It's not a plane ride.
I know


So, I've been miserable. Sick as a dog. No, not norovirus - I never did get that one, thanks be to God, but I got the cold from the vile depths of hell. The worst cold anyone has ever had in the history of colds. Now, if you've had a cold recently, or even not so recently, you're probably thinking, "oh, poor little bunny." But if you have a cold RIGHT NOW - and it seems fairly likely that you do, and that it's THIS COLD - then you're thinking "shut it, whiner. *I* have the worst cold in the history of colds."

And yes, you do. Poor little bunny. There, there.

I've been sick for about three weeks now, and this week I started to feel like there was a malevolent little animal crawling around inside my head, behind my face. That was not pleasant, and when my ear started to hurt so badly that I couldn't sleep, I gave up and went to the doctor. Actually, I capitulated to Clay's pleas for me to go to the doctor. I have been such a mess around here that I would have to level up several times in "doing things" and "mental stability" to be considered useless. Charming, I am. I forgot to pick up Raphael at band practice yesterday. For an hour. And I only remembered because he called.

So anyway, I went to the doctor today, and she told me I have a double ear infection and a sinus infection and a high pain tolerance. Validation, sistah. Then she tried to kill me by prescribing an antibiotic that I am most likely deathly allergic to, but the pharmacist caught it, so it's all good. I started the second try antibiotic this afternoon, and I already feel so much better that I feel kind of dumb for not seeing the doctor sooner. Well, I've learned THAT lesson now! Ha! Won't make that mistake again! I'll be careful to attend to my needs promptly! I am CRACKING myself up here! 

I'm sorry for being such a sloth, and I'm especially sorry to Kary, who's birthday was February 26, and who sent me the sweetest emails checking in on me. Happy belated birthday, Kary! I'm a jerk! Hope it was good!

I don't really know how to make it up to y'all, when I'd promised I was going to blog regularly and all. Try, try again, eh? In the meantime, there's this:

Southwest Arapahoe-20140305-00595

Do you want to build a snowman? (THAT'S not getting old.)

You can tell we're edging closer to Spring (PLEASE, DEAR GOD, I'LL BE EVER SO GOOD), because the snow is all sloppy and gross. It snowed some ridiculous number of inches last night, and then it was 55 degrees today. Sophia's not even cold, and only wearing a coat to placate Clay. But it's all good, as far as she's concerned. She named her snowman Olaf (super original there)...


...and she loves him.



First I'd like to thank Clay for getting you to go to the doctor! Sounds like you had the cold from hell followed immediately by satan's sinus infection. yuck. And perfectly excusable excuse for having abandoned us for so long *sniffle*
High pain tolerance? You earned that badge many moons ago so no new news there lol Hopefully after a good 24-48 hrs of antibiotics you will start feeling much better.
Loved Sofia's snowman too... my girls put on DRESSES to go play in the snow- BECAUSE MOM THATS WHAT ANNA & ELSA DID YOU KNOW!
Get plenty of rest.. hahahahahaha
Welcome back we missed you!


I don't go to the doctor like I should either. Silly us. Hope you're feeling better. Pics of Sofia make up for dearth of posts. XO


ha, reading a new post makes me feel like Sophia looks: happy :)

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