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February 06, 2014



"I feel completely overwhelmed by them - often - but it's not because there's too many of them, it's because there's too little of me." I feel exactly the same way some days, and I only have 2 kids. Hugs to you & praying for health for your family. =)


"Don't get me wrong, I feel completely overwhelmed by them - often - but it's not because there's too many of them, it's because there's too little of me."
Wow, well obviously I wasn't the only one moved by this quote. Stunning. Perfectly summed up in a few lines.
I escaped last nite for an evening alone for a bit and I played the "Mother of four" card hoping to garner a favorable table. When the girl behind the counter asked their ages- 17,10,7 & 4 and followed my rundown with the standard go to line "wow, have you got your hands full" I thought no, my HEART is full, my hands are small, and my brain has too many tabs open! But I couldn't WAIT to get home to my family. I wasn't out to get away from them, I was out to find some more of me to give!
And as always your poetic words that bring me to tears with parallels in our lives hard to miss- are followed by words that make me smile in understanding and laugh out loud in commiseration.
" So it's not like she's a friend who waved at him from across the room. They've been enthusiastically exposing each to the other's germs for weeks."
I am still laughing ... and PRAYING that your Clorox offensive works!!!
Hang in there GF!


Hmmm...maybe you'll need that Super Bowel Platter after all... (Colleen states as she stands a discreet distance away.)


When I notice how many kids I have is when I see a Christmas card photo of someone else's kids, or I see a mother with a group of kids at a store, and they have the same number of kids or fewer than I do, and I think, "Whoa, that is a big group!" And then I realize I have the same group or a bigger group.


PotAYto PotAHto
TomAYto TomAHto

Rota virus
Nora virus

the "END RESULTS" are the same! lol

unfortunately noro def spreads easier
been there & it's no fun in our
praying for a quick mild
or non-existent run of it
at your house


Just checking on ya'll...


I'm hoping it's not a really long porcelain bus ride...?



Last month an out of town guest wanted to keep our plans to stay at my house ... less than 24 hrs after she'd been throwing up.

In her world, if it gets passed around, two people get sick: her and her son. In my world, if it gets passed around, I am cleaning and fretting day and night for the next two weeks, while also trying to entertain whoever happens to not be sick that day, and keep the sick child (who is usually INDIGNANT at my suggestion) away from his siblings.

In that moment, I have the biggest family - and the smallest house - in the world.

Did anyone else get it?

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