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January 23, 2014



Oh honey. This is so hard. My daughter is a college freshman this year and although she's not out of state, she is eight hours away. It's hard not being right there to make sure she's doing well, remembering to eat and sleep and, and, and! You know what I mean. Here's a giant internet hug for you {{{}}}.


So much better than bad poetry.


My 20-year-old son is 18 months into his 2-year church mission. These missions for 18- and 19-year old young men (boys!!) and young women are common in my congregation, and friends and fellow congregants will say, "Oh! His mission has gone so fast!" And, you know what? It isn't true. And now my 17-year-old daughter is contemplating college next year. I am happy for these positive life choices, but I guess we are always just mothers watching out for the next disaster, gripping tight to those sturdy and pudgy little wrists.


Jack has decided that he wants to be a Marine. I want to build a bubble for him to live in instead...


Your blog is my favorite of all the blogs. Way to balance between epic gerbil tales and SERIOUS THOUGHTS.

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