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November 25, 2013



I love your randomness, and your reaction to unclear weather, which is similar to mine. The wind was howling in the middle of the night and I thought, "The house is going to collapse and we'll all be found dead in our beds." Joshilyn'a books is on my Christmas list, can't wait to get it!


*inclement, not unclear stupid autocorrect


Dear Joshilyn,
please stop writing awesome books because Kira gets all lost in them and forgets about writing on her BLOG which is of greatest importance! Or better yet, don't let her have them, and you call and read a chapter to her each night before bed ONLY after she has completed her daily blog requirements!
Fans of yours & hers :D

Angela Giles Klocke

Actually, photographing a jewel-toned family is on my bucket list. Honest Abe! Or Washington. Something. I don't know because SNOW! :D

Sheryl (hi!), to be fair to your autocorrect, the weather is rather unclear too.

Linda Sherwood

So jealous that you live close enough to AGK to have her do photos! :(


And I'm back to finish my thoughts...
there were so many favorite parts to this post but this:
"Sophia's class is learning a fistful of holiday songs, so they can lisp them in concert some night soon (I should really figure out when that is)"
really spoke to me... mostly because my angels have been practicing their hearts out & none of us have a clue when Carols night is. It may have passed already & I wouldnt know. I should go look it up right now.
Enjoy your snow- that should give you much more time to ... blog... right? lol
And it goes without saying that unbridled sassy is so very, very entertaining!


I just downloaded Joshilyn's book. My husband says thanks. Thanks A LOT. He had PLANS tonight, doncha know.


Whaaaaaaaaaaat?? I go out of town for 5 days and come home to NO NEW POSTS? lol
Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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