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May 09, 2013



She is PERFECT and BMI charts make me ragey. The end.

(Actually, not the end. SOMEONE is now saying, "You always say Kira's a really good cook... so... will we be eating LOTS OF YUMMY THINGS at her place? I am JUST CURIOUS." Hee!)




I've seen pictures of your kid, and she is most certainly not going to pose as a poster child for childhood obesity...ever. SHE LOOKS TOTALLY NORMAL! Those charts just make me crazy. It's bad enough that adults are expected to fit into some sort of BMI guidelines (which we are now tested for as a part of our health insurance, OMG!), but to impose those same standards on children who are growing in spurts is just crazy talk. Not to mention that healthy ADULTS never ever fall into the guidelines. For me to hit my "ideal weight", I'd have to be a runner and lose actual bone density and eat nothing but carrots. Seriously. There is no way that those numbers work for actual humans.


Don't even get my doctor started on BMI charts. I will paraphrase the rant, "this was invented by an actuary. Not a doctor, not a researcher, an accountant. And people take it as gospel." Add about 10 minutes to it and you have his rant. As long as she is healthy and active, what's the difference.

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