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March 21, 2013



I've heard that drinking can bring out the real "you" in exaggerated form. I'm sure the same goes for cough syrup - which is probably why I'm so angry when I'm sick. Good thing I don't drink!


That was so touching; I was getting warm fuzzies and looking forward to when my own baby gets to be that old... Then you said you were on drugs. Moment ruined.

Hah, but seriously, I think you're on the right track, stoned or not. Being Love and Mommy is a cool deal.


You don't know how much I needed to read your post right now...thank you.


"I did not realize that all I had the power to do was offer, and they are the ones who get to choose what to take." So true, excellent post (even with the narcotics disclaimer).

PS I think we still need a pic of the new bangs. =)


lol..my 25 year old daughter says that she still wants her mommy when she is sick. (so do I, btw) Enjoy while she is still right there with you. She is so adorable.


This is a perfect post. I love your gift for expression. Normally I am just a big ball of emotion who lacks words. But you make them clear. Thank You!

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