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March 31, 2013


Angela Giles Klocke

It is a very strange, scary, wonderful place, this getting near the end of this parenting stage. For me, with kidlings 22, 18, and 16, I'm dangerously close and half petrified, half excited. I get this...


I've read this twice this morning and cried both times. Your writing beautifully describes what I've felt for awhile now ~ what's next? My children are grown, graduated from college and enjoying their careers. I still don't know what's next for me after many false starts. The good news for you is that children remember all the ordinary things of everyday life, those are the memories that stick because they're real and become part of who they are. They remember that we were there for them and that they have always been loved.


Only people in novels or on pinterest have all their memories in such order.

Real life is much more chaotic. I'm betting that when you talk to you own mother about your childhood, all her memories are not perfectly scrapbooked.


The only reason that my kids have quilts like those in the book is my mom. As they outgrow special outfits, wear sport team t shirts, earn patches and on and on - I toss them into a bag for my mom. Every year or so she goes through the bag and cuts the quilt squares. The last year of school, she gets family members and friends to decorate a block, and then she sews it all together.

If it was up to me, they'd probably get a garbage bag full of smelly, disintegrating stuff.

And the way you talk about your life is the way I think about mine, which means that it's much more real than anything you'll ever see on Pinterest.


I've never commented here before, but am moved to do so now. For so many reasons. My "baby" is ten and headed to middle school next year and I don't know how that happened. I am, however, very keenly aware that she won't want me to stay and cuddle with her at bedtime very much longer. This week was Spring Break and it was some of the best Mother/Daughter time we've had in a while. I'm keeping that in my heart for the days when she hates me.


First of all, to js - yes, do hang on to that for the days that she "hates you", because it will keep you afloat and she will be back.

And to Kira-le, this blog is your quilt. Some day, you will go back and start reading at the beginning, as will your kids, and every word will be gold. These words warm us all like a quilt. Each of us comes with our own gift, and this is yours. Every subject you talk about here reaches someone who shares it, and you give us the gift to be able to laugh or cry (or both)with you about our experiences. Thanks for sharing every one.


The last comment nails it perfectly. This is your quilt! Every post a new square, connecting the moments of your life that are special, meaningful,painful & hilarious. I feel so privileged to be able to watch as it grows bigger and bigger. I don't even have time for a blog quilt so you're steps ahead of me! And I feel like I'm drowning daily in SO MUCH STUFF to do... while I watch my kids grow bigger and time slips away. I've decided I can dust and organize & declutter when the house is quiet and empty. Which will be all to soon.(Who says that with a 3 year old??)
I so appreciate every word you share with us, I truly feel as if we are long lost cyber sisters, with 4 kids so close in ages...


OK just to warn you I'm almost at my limit of "no new posts from Kira" LOL
Hope all is well- miss you!!

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