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February 07, 2013



"if she were properly seasoned"--ha ha ha!

I still remember the gross texture (not to even get started on the taste) of the pumpkin brownies someone ASSURED me were fudgy and delicious. "Undetectable pumpkin swap" MY FOOT.


Sounds like the dessert equivalent of beef heart.


I'm guessing perhaps "Sweet Potato" also got auto-corrected to "brownie"? lol
Any recipe making the paleo rounds is definitely going to be met with an unhappy reception at my house!
So did YOU like them? :)


Wait, they'll eat tongue, but not onion and red pepper?! I think they have that backwards.

Susan Shehane

Just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying your blog -- I love your sense of humor. You are a friend of my daughter's, I believe - at least in the blogosphere -- she's Stephanie -- acrossthegypsyflatroad.... You really should do a book.

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