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Autocorrect owes me a dang brownie.

Today I made brownies, as a treat, for after dinner. The fact that it's just a random Thursday should have tipped the kids off that these weren't normal brownies. They were, in fact, Super Brownies (at least, that's how I thought of them). They were made of mostly sweet potato, with very little sugar (because, what, the "sweet" in "sweet potato" comes from...salt, maybe?), and just a smidge of coconut flour. And before you tell me how wrong that is, let me point an accusatory finger at the blogger who posted this recipe, who claimed the resulting brownies were "fudgy" and "silky." 

When I took them out of the oven and gave them an exploratory poke, they felt disconcertingly spongy. But I tamped down any misgivings, telling myself that they would surely cool into something fudgy and brownie-like. 

Dinner tonight was only a marginal success. The main course had detectable diced onion and red pepper, an unforgivable offense in the eyes of some of my children. Max, who could have accepted it, was feeling peaked and barely ate anything. Tre and Clay gave resounding approval, but you know. They'd eat the dog if she were properly seasoned, so it's hard to feel too proud on that count. I also roasted some asparagus, and it came out all lovely and caramelized and frizzy-headed, but this too was met with a shrug by all those assembled under the age of 18. 

But we finally made our way to the end of the meal, and someone remembered there were brownies! For dessert! And lo, our joy was made complete.

Except not really, because as I began cutting into them, it was clear that they were awfully soft. And sort of smeary.

"Hmm," I said, "maybe these are still too warm." I carefully lifted one piece out, and it held together well enough, so I handed it to Clay, and proceeded to pass them around the table. They were sort of spongy. 

"They're not warm," Clay said, prodding his brownie, "they're just And...moist?"

"REALLY moist," Tre agreed.

"Almost wet," Raphi chimed in, dabbing at his brownie with a napkin. I continued passing them out, being impressed at least with my family's determination not to hurt my feelings. Then I handed one to Sophia. She reached out and took it, then recoiled.

"EWWW! I don't LIKE IT when my brownie is all SLOBBERY!" she shrieked.

So now I think I know what the problem was with the original message. What the blogger meant to say was not "fudgy" and "silky" but "spongy" and "slobbery." It's clearly an autocorrect issue. Good to know.



"if she were properly seasoned"--ha ha ha!

I still remember the gross texture (not to even get started on the taste) of the pumpkin brownies someone ASSURED me were fudgy and delicious. "Undetectable pumpkin swap" MY FOOT.


Sounds like the dessert equivalent of beef heart.


I'm guessing perhaps "Sweet Potato" also got auto-corrected to "brownie"? lol
Any recipe making the paleo rounds is definitely going to be met with an unhappy reception at my house!
So did YOU like them? :)


Wait, they'll eat tongue, but not onion and red pepper?! I think they have that backwards.

Susan Shehane

Just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying your blog -- I love your sense of humor. You are a friend of my daughter's, I believe - at least in the blogosphere -- she's Stephanie -- acrossthegypsyflatroad.... You really should do a book.

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