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Hope for 2013

HI! How was your Christmas? Everyone got their decorations all put away, tidy-like? Great, great! Yeah, me too. You know. Except for the tree. And all the...decorations. But there was some white chocolate peppermint fudge around here, and that stuff? Gone baby, gone! Just as Martha Stewart would, really. If Her Stewartness was given to lolling on the couch like a beached whale, feeling ill and looking regretfully at an empty and faintly peppermint-scented tupperware container. 

Anyhow, Christmas was lovely. Santa brought the boys facial hair, which apparently is all they ever wanted in their stockings. Which...sounds weird, now that I've typed it there.

Christmas12 012

And Sophia reacted to her lovely little Christmas dress (that I tore all over town to find) with the abundant gracious charm of any princess.

Christmas12 004

We tortured our poor, long-suffering dog in the name of the season, or as I wished everyone on Facebook, Feliz Carmi Dog!


How can she look so guilty and reproachful at the same time? That's one gifted old dog, that is.

Once again, I failed to send out Christmas cards. I'm getting even worse about it now, though, because this year I even failed to feel guilty about it. *sigh* So bad, so bad.

Once again, my beloved Clay and I exchanged our favorite Christmas gifts ever - a pass on having to buy each other anything. Neither of us really care that much about gifts, so we're always terrifically relieved to be let off the hook of picking one or wanting one. This wouldn't work for you if you would feel the slightest pang of regret at choosing not to get anything (or give anything, if you're that sort of thoughtful twisted freak), but for us, it is purely a win/win. Oh, considering the financial aspects of Christmas, tack another win on there. Perhaps we have no souls. It works for us.

And now here we are in the new year. Did you all pick a word for your year? All the cool kids are doing it, you know. Um. Except for the ones who like to show the rest of us up and do amazing vision boards, that is. Anyhow, I not only picked myself a word, I harassed my whole family into picking their own words. They found the exercise really meaningful and energizing, as evidenced by the blank, slightly panicked looks they all gave me when I asked them today what there words were. 

Nonetheless, my word for 2013 is Hope. And I mean it not only as a promise, but as an intention. I intend to live in hope this year, to choose to believe that all will be well. It sounds sort of fluffy, but I'm finding it sort of rigorous, to be honest. And me without any peppermint fudge. But one of the ways I plan to live that out is to blog more, because once upon a time I told my story here because I believed it to be worth the telling. 

So Happy New Year to everyone! I pray 2013 finds you well, and living in hope.



I love your blog. Glad you will be feeding it more. :)

Holly Gault

My, aren't you… tangy (nicer than astringent).

Steve and I give each other the same gift, and it is the best gift ever.

Here is to your year of Hope.


Love the pictures!

I haven't picked out a word for the year. My goal is to work on self-love.
Looks so silly when you see it written.

My husband and I do not exchange Christmas gifts. We decided this year if anyone started hasseling us about our decision we could either claim the new storm door or the new toilet. Touching isn't it?

Happy New Year!


My husband and I do the Christmas gift thing, I love getting and giving gifts.

My word for the year is "breathe." As in, take a minute and just breathe. Before you blow up, breathe. Before you get overwhelmed between scouts, work, kids sports, etc, breathe. Just take a few minutes and breathe. My mantra.


To quote a Canadian politician:

My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.

Go forth in hope and change the world.


Hurray for blogging more! And this-- "It sounds sort of fluffy, but I'm finding it sort of rigorous, to be honest" --is spot on.

Shelly in Austin

Glad you are back! You have been missed!

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