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January 30, 2013


Max Martin

I....I... Trusted you. I would call you heartless, but I had your stew. (actually the heart wasn't bad)


I had to read this to DH - he had to know what was so funny.

Also, tongue cooked properly (not by me, I've never tried) tastes fine, but it does have a texture issue, with the taste buds. DH served me heart once and I was not impressed - too much like liver. So if we ever have it again, I'll have to try stew. I can see it working better there.


Were you ever tempted to stick the tongue out from under the lid of the pot it was cooking in, just a little? Like the tongue was sticking itself out at anyone passing by?

It actually tasted like beef. But my mind just has a hard time accepting tongue. But I was impressed with how we all really faced it, ate it and distracted ourselves by talking about the holocaust. Thank you for the experience.


Best post I've read all week.

Also, GROSS. (Sorry.)


Vascillating between impressed and horrified. As you consider that whole passing the next one on to a friend thing, I should tell you I'm not home.


My grandmother used to cook tongue all the time. I was not a fan of it hot (I think because of the texture), but it makes fantastic cold sandwiches. I have not yet been brave enough to cook it myself, though.


I was excited to read this post because (a) it made me laugh and laugh and (b) I have a cow's tongue of my own in the freezer and I thought you were going to tell me what to do with it.

I guess you are telling me what to do with it.

Cindy Page

I got a queasy stomach reading this... but thanks for throwing in the jokes. It helped me forget I was about to throw up!


What's so funny is I JUST had a friend describe her adventures eating cow tongue as well. Her picture of the tongue, pre-taste bud removal was GROSS. They grilled it. I passed your adventures on to her.


Maybe next time you can make meatloaf out of it!?! I'll stick with oxtails.


I eat pork cheek. It;s the betsd I can do. Just READING this...hilarious but...no. Just no.

I wish we had nun-sanctioned free roaming smug beefs.


I really think you should give it another try; you seem to be a budding chef!


I am most impressed that your kids ate it! My boys are 16 and 12, and there is no way. Actually, I'm 45, and there's no way! Thanks for the laugh.


A GREAT story - those college writing/english class(s) of a year or so ago totally ... hmmm shine? lick? here!

And also? I love M / Amma , "But I was impressed with how we all really faced it, ate it and distracted ourselves by talking about the holocaust. Thank you for the experience."

I think we need to hear, "the rest of the story!". But can see how the holocaust is > than cow tongue. :)

Jan in Norman, OK

Nope,no,no way,never,not in this lifetime, not a chance, ain't gonna happen...


No. NO.


look up taco lingua. Seriously, they are pretty good. (I had a similar situation with our grass fed cow.) you wont' want them weekly (it's still TONGUE) but they're pretty good.

One difference - our cow was actually quite small (Shetland cow?) so the tongue was only the size of a chuck roast.


I can't even pretend I didn't gag the whole time I was reading this post. You're a braver woman than I, and I have processed chickens!

Jan in Norman, OK

Also, liver is liver is liver.


You lost me at taste buds. Ew.

Emily B

Tacos de lengua--excellent use of tongue. We made them awhile back after butchering our last cow, and they were good. We used a recipe similar to this: http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/beef_tacos_de_lengua/

Donna L.

I just think it's super funny that people won't even consider eating tongue, but want some rump roast! I mean, which is cleaner!?
Totally impressed that you cooked it....funky? I'd have fed it to our shepherd dog...sorry, I would tell our next cow, I just want the parts that would be in our store under plastic!


i'm here via conversion diary. :)

if you know a filipino, ask how to cook lengua estofado! it is soooo good.

basic instructions in case you want to try again:

cook tongue in water -- bring to boil then simmer until really really tender, and by that i mean the outer covering should peel right off really easily.

after peeling, let cool or chill in fridge while you prepare the rest of the ingredients:

minced garlic, sliced onions, chopped tomatoes, tomato sauce, soy sauce, red wine (optional) your choice thickener like cornstarch in water or bread crumbs. sliced green and/or red peppers, green olives, plantain bananas (optional), salt and pepper to taste. slice the peeled tongue in half lengthwise, then on the diagonal into 1/3 inch slices.

sauté garlic (until golden), onion (until limp), tomatoes in olive oil. add tongue slices, tomato sauce and soy sauce. simmer gently about 10 minutes. increase heat, add red wine of using and cook 5 minutes, then add peppers and olives and cook 5 more over low heat. while that's cooking, fry sliced plantain bananas, if using, in a bit of oil until cooked through. thicken the stew with cornstarch dissolved in water, or bread crumbs. add in bananas and serve with rice, bread, or potatoes.

good luck! i hope you enjoy it better next time!

Ashley Marcus

Oh my gosh! You've killed it for me! I thought grass-fed beef was as good as it got, but grass-fed beef from NUNS?! I love it!

We ordered a whole cow last year and I still have most of the organs sitting in the freezer. I'm actually planning on making corned beef tongue for St. Patty's Day, but now I'm scared.

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