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Go baby, go!

This morning Max was sitting on the couch, holding Sophia.

"Do you think she'll sit up first, or crawl?" he asked.

"Probably sit up," I answered.

"I don't know," he countered (like, why ASK me, then, son?), "she REALLY REALLY wants to crawl."

As it turns out, she just really really wants to MOVE. Crawling not required.

August09 044 

Just a sweet baby, here on the edge of her blanket. Don't mind me.

August09 046 

And GO!

August09 049 


August09 050 


August09 051 

Um...hi. Nothing to see here.

August09 054   


So yeah, I still think she'll sit up first, but Max is also right. She REALLY wants to crawl.




Sorry, I ate your baby. I couldn't help it -- I mistook her giant melon head for a honeydew.

She was delicious.

Jan in Norman, OK

Oh, that face!


Well, you gotta start somewhere!

cheer bows

I wanna know if will sit or crawl first. Please update us. =)

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