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His very own week

Love is there

One of the things I looked forward to when I found out we were having a Sophia is the opportunity to do it all again. It's also one of the things that made me gulp hard, but that's another story. This time around, I knew, I'd recognize how fast these days move. I would remember how quickly the phases flick by, in retrospect, and I wouldn't be afraid of drowning in any one difficult day. I rested my hand on my belly and promising the flailing little life inside that I would remember to enjoy.

What I didn't foresee is how easy that would be, in fact. Although there have been difficult days, there has also been a huge amount of joy, from everyone and for everyone. And most of all, there is Clay. He's here, so very HERE, smitten with me and his children, and working shoulder-to-shoulder with me to keep all our plates spinning. Because of him there is even space - despite the baseball and library and swimming and meetings and STUFF -  in my life for me to get out of the house for an hour and go to the gym. I come home with the hair at the nape of my neck all damp and the sight of my family freshly dear in my eyes.

His love helps me remember not only to stop and watch her sleep...

July09 026a 

...but to notice how very much love is around all of us.

July09 025 

Happy Love Thursday, everyone. May you have time for a well-deserved nap with someone you love.





Big pink heart you, Kira.


This is such a sweet post. The photos are so amazing!

What a wonderful life you have!


And here I thought they looked most alike when she was smiling!

ccr in MA

Oh, that's beautiful.


*sniffle* She is so much bigger than she was when I was there! STOP GROWING! *sigh*


Beautiful... just beautiful.

Pamela L

Sigh - you have a beautiful family! This was a wonderful post - Thank you.


Awesome. My husband has been away & out of communication range all week (i.e., in another country). He comes home tomorrow night and this made me realize again how much I miss him. Which is a good thing.

Michelle @ Find Your Balance

I think my biological clock just turned up a notch :-)


Great post. Thanks for sharing those pictures!


Thats a fantastically beautiful sentiment and an even better picture Kira. Thanks for sharing and giving me some hope.

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