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June 10, 2008



I have found my (two) experiences with the SSO to be... difficult.

but not so entertaining as you make this sound.

And it took me three readings to figure out the ONE! ONE visit to the SSO stuff... which is sad since he was my eldest's favorite character ever... and I spent hours listening to him count like him.


thanks for this post - it reminded me that I have to have official birth and marriage certificates for me and the kids to prove that we belong to dh and aren't kicked off the insurance in August. apparently, there are some slackers who are just pretending to belong...


Um, maybe it is better than donning the paper gown? Or at least gives you something to compare with? Hoping today will do for you!


One thing I've noticed from my days as a lowly law clerk that's pretty universal in government offices: the people behind the glass often have some sort of bandage, missing digit, or random pustules or scabs or other injuries on their person. Look for it over your next half dozen or so visits; might help it pass the time.


The pure sarcasm overload of this post makes me immensely happy. I want to hug you and kiss you and dance.

It takes me back to the days of trying to change to my married name. Only, the SSO was great for me. Itw as the DMV that had me driving and calling and yelling and insisting that I was indeed legally married.


Oh. my. gosh. All kinds of (mean) things come to mind to say, none of them helpful. I feel your pain. And if they need a hairball coughed up by a bobtailed cat, I've got you covered. Pfui.

Mary Jo

Ah Yes, how I do have the SSO. 2 trips to get my name changed after getting married. Because? They needed proof that I am who I am. What could serve as proof above my marriage license, drivers license, old SS card? Yes a note from my employer. On letterhead.

Mary Jo

Not have - HATE. Sorry. LOL


I think maybe I'd try losing my mind on the next visit...doesn't seem like it would hurt and it sure might make you feel better!


Kira! Okay, I hope you get this before your next trip. The next time, if the nitwit at the window helps you, great. If they don't, or if they tell you you need something else, DEMAND to speak to a supervisor. DO NOT take no for an answer. When you are face-to-face with that supervisor, run down everything you have been through, calmly but firmly. Explain that you have every intention of complying with their requests, but that your time is valuable and you cannot continue running back and forth between your home, the SSO, your doctor's office and the court indefinitely. At some point you have a life to live. Make them go over everything you have with a fine tooth comb, and let you know if there is anything else you need. Make sure you are VERY SPECIFIC.

Seriously, dude. They will keep you running around until the END OF TIME if you don't take a firm stand.


I love Tre. (And you, of course.) (And the other boys, too, but, well, today I am declaring my love for Tre.)

That is all.


My husband is incredibly even tempered. Opening Christmas presents and going to the post office elicit the same response. This applies to his work situation as well. He never comes home in a tiff.

UnLESS. He has been dealing with government agencies all day. Can you IMAGINE if we ended up with socialized medicine??????!!!!


I'm a friend of Mir's and had to come over and comment on this one. I've adopted three times and the gov't angst almost beat me to a bloody pulp every. single. time.

The day I walked in and walked back out WITH ALL MY ISSUES RESOLVED made me want to declare it a family celebration. There were MANY trips into that office...*sigh*

and that was just the last step in years of paperwork in many different countries...yeah...adoption is WAY fun. ACK.

Good thing you get little edible babies when you are done. *grin*


OH! When I went to get my name changed after marrying, I took everything the SSO website said to take & then some. The lady at the window took my app & DL, did the look & frown thing, & then started to slid the paperwork back through the window saying I needed more ID. I produced my passport, slid the stuff back. 4 more times she tried to slide stuff back requesting more info & when I had everything she asked for she literally scowled at me & said she was going to take a break & I would have to wait. Are you kidding me?

I finally got eveything fixed after her "break." Don't you just wish you could pause anytime you wanted for a break? Please.

Glad to read everything is final now:) Congrats.


I love Chewie's comment! Seriously...they took a break? Who does that? I'm going to try that at work next week, see if I can get away with it.
Patient: I need help with my medical bills
Me: Ok, just hold right here while I go on break and I'll be back later
Patient: um...ok.

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