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October 11, 2004



That's the best thing about blogging, the sense of community and support that it brings. I honestly think the world is a better place for it...at least MY world is :)


Uhhhh... what did you say about Mindy's lobster?? ;)


Hear, hear!!

How's your friend doing?


there's nothing better than having the opportunity to do something that you have a natural talent for


Hula Doula

*snicker I have the pictures to prove Mindy's lobster!!
Oh lovely Kira, you are so wonderful in person as you are on your blog!!
Soon we will have to get together again!


I'm so glad WE didn't miss it! :)


Thanks for coming to our cult meeting Kira......deprogramming won't be that hard.


The thought gave you hives? Heck, your dad gave me hives.

Weel, beehives anyway. (*grin*)


Met my best friends online. :o) The best part of Momwriters is the women I have met. I LOVE you Kira!!


I am so glad you overcame your fear to be able to touch my life each and every day. You are an amazing writer and an even MORE amazing mother! Thank you!


Jim's so damn weird....

It was wonderful meeting you and I'm so glad you moved mountains to get out of the house for us.

I certainly hope we'll all get together soon - maybe meet in a central location in Denver with the blogspawn (kids) in tow.


I'm so glad you didn't stab me with a steak knife.


How can I top that?


Kira, in case I haven't commented in the rememberable past, I just wanted to say this: I adore you!



I'm using firefox to view this website and the last few days it seems like the Java script is not working..
I just wanted to know if everyone is getting this error.
If not I will have to reinstall firefox.


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