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September 23, 2004


Mary Jo

Wow... Rames Jigo is a nut-case. I find it funny that he actually emailed Amma asking her about the phone number, because she's obviously a moron who just gives her number to anyone that asks... (sarcasm here *waves*) Some people are just too damn stupid to use the internet. Yay for hate email!! :)


Congratulations! And welcome to the Cool Club! :)


I have had ONE troll too! I was very proud! He came on my blog entry about having a maid service and said "Any woman who can't keep a clean house is a failure." He said it using the f word and ZERO irony. It was an exciting moment! MY OWN VERY FIRST TROLL!

Then I deleted his comment and MTblacklisted him, because who needs their 13 year old nephew to meet the f word in their comments? NO ONE HERE.


Amma D

The real reason you have arrived as a blogger is because you are so funny, smart, articulate and amazing...oh, my, hyperbole fails me. I could go on and on, but hopefully I won't...

But you do realize, do you not, that somewhere out there is someone named Rames Jigo, and he just woke up, and is about to google his name, as he does every morning, and you are about to be in trouble again. So, just to save time...no, Rames, you cannot have any phone number, SS# or keys to my car (you have to get in line behind a 3 year old for those).


I heart Amma. Also, you arrived way before this, because Joshilyn comments on your blog! ;)


Poor guy doesn't know how lucky he is. Your mom would've ripped him apart!

And as for the "arrival" thing - you are the first stop of my morning. Even before Lileks, so that's gotta say something, doesn't it?

Wow! What porn star do you share a name with? Plus, how did you find out you shared a name with a port star?


I guess if you REALLY want a troll I can pretend to be one for you....but just cuz I'm nice like that. But you can't block me because I love reading your blog! :)

Is there like an troll-interview process or something? Where should I submit my application?


I had the same problem with my phone number when I first moved to NYC. Apparently someone named Saco D'Amon had never paid a bill IN HIS LIFE. I had a very very hard time getting creditors to believe that I didn't know the guy. They would say-- "he doesn't live there? you don't know him? are you sure that you've never heard of him?"

AAAGGG. If I ever find his new number, I am gonna call him at LEAST 5 times a day, including early on saturday and sunday mornings , just to remind him to pay his bills.


Go Amma!!!


I'm jealous - I've had neither troll, nor cranky email.


We get calls almost every day for a Donna Sperry, all of them involving credit requests. I think there's some poor woman out there who's going to wake up one day to find her identity's been stolen.

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